Top Female Fitness Trainers in India

By | September 28, 2021

When I choose to write on ‘Top Female fitness trainers in India’, a lot of people encouraged me to do so because this is important for our subcontinent region. Females or more precisely, women here are neglected or discouraged to show their fitness skills or charisma. A lot of people in India are somehow compacted with ritual rules or actions. So, they can’t allow women to have the freedom of fitness skills. However, this attitude was widely visible in ancient times. In recent days, people are pacing parallelly with modern technology, behavior, and aesthetics. For this reason, Indian fitness models are doing great nowadays. In this article, we’ll talk about the top female fitness trainers in India. Let’s begin.

Female Fitness Trainers in Mumbai

Everyone knows about Mumbai because of its endless opportunities. Top class film industry like Bollywood is the key target for many girls in India. They perform modeling and photoshoot to get them involved with any production house. However, the life of a female model or newcomer actress is always challenging. She has to struggle with body sculpting regularly with fitness classes.

female fitness trainers

Plenty of local gyms and fitness centers exist in Mumbai city. Most of those are combined for both males and females. Besides, some personal trainers built their fitness centers for females only. Top-class physio and therapists often create a community to serve trainee people. They have individual gyms or fitness centers as well.

Here are the top fitness centers in Mumbai along with websites-

  1. Khushboo female personal trainer
  2. Ladies fitness center
  3. Nikita Narang fitness palace
  4. Parindi’s fitness hub
  5. Verve fitness hub

This list is for fitness clubs, spots, centers, and associations. However, there are a lot of personal trainer Instagram IDs on the internet. You can search on Instagram anytime.

Female Fitness Trainers in Gujarat

Gujarat is the largest province in India and a large population is living there. According to the socio-economic profile, Gujarat is the largest foreign revenue and stakeholder in India. Around 26% of Gujarat residents live in foreign countries like the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, and others.


Gujarat is famous for aesthetic workouts and body fitness. From ancient times, Gujarat people are concerned about their physical stamina and vigor. Once upon a time, wrestling was a prominent sport for Indian culture and most of those wrestlers were from Gujarat. Even today, inhabitants of Gujarat are sophisticated and careful about their fitness. That’s why severe fitness centers and gyms are placed there as well as personal trainers. Internet celebrity and Youtuber Sahil Khan and Vishakha Dhiman currently work in Gujarat. Mostly, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara areas have fitness centers and modern gyms.

Here’s the top-class fitness center list in Gujarat-

  1. Neha’s fitness studio
  2. Thunderbull
  3. Sky fitness gym
  4. Anytime Fitness
  5. Fitness with Gomzi

Neha’s fitness studio, Sky fitness, and Thinderbull are working in Ahmedabad. Anytime fitness works in Gandhinagar and Gomzi is a Surat-based nutrition center. Besides, a lot of personal trainers are working in Vadodara, Surat, Anand, and Hirabugh.

Female Fitness Trainers in India

The fitness Instagrammers listed below are as talented as they are motivating, ranging from India’s best Pilates teacher to one of the country’s most famous CrossFit coaches. If you’re searching for some fitness motivation, go no further than this list of India’s finest fitness Instagrammers, all of whom are deserving of your follow.

S/N Name Instagram
1 Shivangi Bhatnagar
2 Namrata Purohit
3 Yashmeen Chauhan
4 Nilparna Sen
5 Nidhi Mohan
6 Bani J
7 Shweta Rathore
8 Yasmin Karachiwala

Shivangi Bhatnagar

Shivangi Bhatnagar’s Instagram has evolved from a low-key page designed to chronicle her progress with Kayla Itsines’ famous BBG program to a dynamic source of ongoing fitness inspiration and education. She shares home exercise videos for strength and conditioning, food prep tips, and recipes for a variety of nutritious meals—all adapted for Indian homes. Her remarks on her change are very encouraging and welcome since they are free of the typical pitfalls of such transition articles.


Shivani’s path from fat to fit began in 2014, and in three years she moved from being a gym member to being a certified personal coach. She is a member of the American Council on Exercise, and she became an Adidas athlete in 2017. “The trick is to have a strategy, establish balance, let go of the all-or-nothing mentality, and keep rebounding back,” the power-pack lady punched.

Namrata Purohit

Namrata Purohit, another Pilates teacher deserving of your attention, has a lively Instagram profile full of fitness inspiration. Purohit is well-versed in her topic and a reliable source of fitspo. She is one of the founders of The Pilates Studio, one of Mumbai’s best fitness facilities, and the youngest person to have been a certified Stott Pilates instructor.

namrata purohit

Namrata started her journey as a personal trainer in 2017 and currently lives in Mumbai. She is famous for her leg workouts. Graduated from Economics, Namrata has a great personality and overall sweetness. Very respectful, jolly, and travel-loving girl in her 24y age. Famous Bollywood actress and yogi, Malaika Arora worked with Namrata several times.

Yasmeen Chauhan Manak

Yasmeen Chauhan, nickname Manak is an international celebrity because of her Olympia association career. Yasmeen Chauhan is the full name of this Bodybuilder, Gym Owner, and Professional Athlete. She is of Indian descent. This person’s hometown is Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Her religion is Hinduism however the educational qualification could not be located since 2016.

yashmeen chauhan

Manak’s career is blooming because of many awards and titles. She won the IBBFF bronze medal, miss India 2016 gold in the fitness category, Olympia amateur gold in the physique category, and so on. She completed her graduation from Delhi University (1999) in Arts. She’s a certified trainer and instructor of aerobics. Moreover, Manak is the founder & owner of Sculpt gym, based in Haryana.

Nilparna Sen

If I ever saw one, Nilparna Sen was an exuberantly body-positive spirit. At 5’3″, she stands boldly with her shoulders shoved back, equipped with a knowing half-smile that suggests she was acquiescent while still being someone you don’t mess with. Speaking with her, it is apparent that she had spent her whole life enjoying her body as if it were her birthright, thus her desire to be in shape certainly did not originate from a frivolous desire to merely comply with a predetermined beauty standard.

nilparna sen

Her life had devolved into a spiral of self-destruction. She dragged herself through the week in preparation for that one weekend party where she would utterly ruin herself with not just booze and smokes, but also some pretty strong narcotics. She began training six days a week and watching her food down to the gram – a habit that cost her dearly since she didn’t have a good coach to advise her at first.

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Known for being the director of NidSun Wellness, an Indian chain of weight reduction and nutrition clinics. She is a food scientist that specializes in sports nutrition and has been named a Puma Do You ambassador. She is also a personal fitness trainer and an Ashtanga yoga instructor.

nidhi mohan kamal

She holds degrees in both food and chemical engineering. In 2007, she specialized in nutrition and began working in the body shaping sector, and she has since expanded her fitness and nutrition empire. Her cuisine essays have appeared on a variety of websites and news sources, including India Today, Buzzfeed, and the India Times. She has created her own series of Home Workout Videos for WION News’ The Breakfast Show. She also distributes the films to her over 30,000 YouTube fans.

Bani J

VJ Bani or Bani J, the names we are familiar with, is a Gurbani Judge in real life. She is a VJ, host, model, and actress living in India, as well as a former MTV India representative. She has also competed in MTV Roadies, where she came in second place despite being only one step away from winning. She defines herself as an ink collector, a storyteller, and an artist.

bani j

Tanya Judge, her mother, is a Buddhist, and she was born into a Punjabi household. Sanya Ghai, her elder sister, is her only sibling. She attended Woodstock International School in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. She supports Mobiefit BODY, a fitness app, and is a brand ambassador for Myprotein, a sports nutrition business.

Shweta Rathore

Shweta is a qualified engineer who formerly worked in marketing in a corporate setting for many years. Because she had a slightly wide body, she had been extremely motivated by exercise since her school days. She was a highly active youngster who participated in cultural events and athletics at school. Shweta began proper gyming when she was in eighth grade, and it has continued since then, and fitness has been her lifestyle. She was motivated by exercise, so her brother advised that Shweta do it professionally one day, and that’s how she got into fitness.

shweta rathore

Shweta Rathore has defied all gender preconceptions to become a big phenomenon among both male and female bodybuilders by making a distinct imprint as an international physique athlete. Shweta’s path from engineer to one of India’s physique athletes is an inspirational narrative of a girl’s goal and her unshakable devotion and hard work to accomplish it. She is the first Indian woman to win a medal in the World Fitness Physique Championship.

Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala is a fitness trainer from India. She was born in the United States on July 4, 1970. She attended Saint Agnes High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India for her secondary education and college studies. In Mumbai, she opened her fitness studio. She is around 52 years old but still seductive because of her perfect body sculpting and broad mentality.

yasmin karachiwala

Yasmin is well-known for her works with several Bollywood celebrities such as Katrina, Alia, Kareena, Deepika, and Karan Johar. Last she worked with the rising superstar Kriti Sanon. Apart from many branches in India, Yasmin has a couple of branches in Dhaka and Dubai.

Bottom Line

It is past time for our culture to abandon the notion that women cannot be equal to males. When it comes to gaining strength and mastering the art of exercise, women are just as capable as men. You’ll be astounded by the skills and strength of these female fitness influencers who make it appear so easy, but we must remember that it all boils down to years of training and dedication. Nothing comes easily, but these ladies have undoubtedly established a benchmark for bringing out their best and inspiring everyone with their fitness goals every day.

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