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By | October 6, 2021

Reverse pec deck is an exercise for shoulders and arms. Usually, professional bodybuilders, fitness models, tournament participants, social media contributors, and trainers work on this exercise. This is a hard workout for newbies or students; even harder for female trainees. However, this workout can be done with or without machines. But before speaking about free-hand reverse pec deck, we should try a machine-based exercise session. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the top-quality reverse pec deck machine for our gym and fitness center. Grab the best one and make your fitness journey smoother. Let’s get started!

What is Reverse Pec Deck

Reverse pec deck is a term of exercise workout for professional bodybuilders- as we stated earlier. Moreover, it will help you gain more strength in your hands, arms, and wrists. Why this is called reverse? Well, this exercise is an opposite directional or reverse directional workout.

A lot of people asked about the pec deck moves or directions. If you know about normal pec decks, you can do reverse pec decks feasibly. Normal pec decks rarely need a machine. For strong shoulders, you can apply both normal and reverse pec decks.

What is reverse pec deck fly? Is it a machine or move? No, pec deck fly and reverse pec deck is the same in terms. Furthermore, we call this workout in ‘rear delt fly’. For novice weightlifters, rear delt fly moves are mandatory. People often ignore the physical structure and anatomy but this is also important to lean into.

reverse pec deck

The rear delt fly machine, as you might expect, primarily works your rear delts. The anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoids are the three major fibers of the deltoid. This exercise puts the most strain on your rear deltoids. The rear delt fly machine also works your traps, rhomboids, and other minor upper back muscles.

Benefits of Reverse Pec Deck

1. Stronger Shoulders

By increasing your posterior deltoids, the reverse pec deck machine improves your shoulder muscles. While this is an auxiliary exercise, it can improve your effectiveness in complex exercises like the overhead press, barbell bench press, and deadlift. Strong shoulders are essential in a range of workouts, so train them properly.

2. Limited Risks

The reverse pec deck machine is considerably more stable than free weight workouts like the bent-over reverse fly. There is less tension on your lower back, and your core does not have to work as hard to keep your torso stable. You also don’t have to be concerned about the course of your hands because the machine limits your range of motion. As a consequence, you may concentrate on exercising your back delts without fear of damage. This choice is ideal for novices or those who have a history of shoulder problems.

3. Muscle Improvement

Long periods of sitting in a chair, combined with muscular weakness, might lead you to hunch over and round your shoulders. Fortunately, one of the finest workouts for improving it is the reverse pec deck machine. If you have back discomfort and are continually slouching, this machine can tighten your rear delts to address this condition.

Top Reverse Pec Deck Machine Reviews

Analyzing and researching local marketplaces as well as the international ones, we’ve picked the topmost machines for our professional and newbie trainees. You can easily pick these versatile items from Amazon or Walmart or eBay. Let’s see what they say about these items-

1. Jerai Fitness Pec Fly And Rear Delt

The unique feature of overhead floating pivot creates a biomechanical correct motion. Range-of-motion (rom) device allows exercise in various ranges. Multiple position handgrips permit both chest and deltoid exercise. The jerai pec fly / rear delt provides a weight stack up to 200 lbs.

About this item

  • Frame: 50mm x 100mm x 10 G And 2″ High Density Foam / Upholstery
  • Length: 60 inches/152cms, Width: 68 inches/173cms, Height: 82 inches/208cms
  • Range-of-motion (rom) device allows exercise in various ranges.
  • Multiple position handgrips permit both chest and deltoid exercise.
  • The jerai pec fly / rear delt provides a weight stack up to 200 lbs.

jerai fitness

2. HASHTAG FITNESS Dynamic Pulley

This dynamic pulley is perfect for weightlifters, bodybuilders, trainers, and fitness models. Moreover, online celebrities, movie actors/actresses, travelers, and other fitness enthusiasts can grab this versatile pulley for many different workouts. Hashtag fitness inc. always help fitness people with fabulous equipment and accessories.

About this item

  • Ideal for lat pulldown, seated row, Tricep press down, Bicep curls, Cable pullover, Upright row, Long Ab Strap Pulldown, Overhead Tricep Extension, One Arm Cable Curls, Side Lateral Raise, One Arm Tricep Extension, Wide Grip Seated Row, Close Grip Pulldown, Shrugs, Standing Leg Curls, Rope Extension, One Arm Crossover, Spud Ab Crunch, Double D Pressdown, Cable Shoulder Press, Face Pulls, Reversed Grip Pressdown, Front Raises, One Arm Row.
  • Package contains = Lat pulldown machine, V bar, Tricep Rope, Resistance handle, Cable handle.
  • Maximum load capacity: 120 KGs.
  • Features feet support with no-slip covering Adjustable seat.


Special Note

If you receive any kind of damage due to transit damage or manufacturing defect then the supplier will provide a replacement free of cost once you confirm them through buyer seller message. They will get back to you within 24 hours.

3. Kobo Multi Home Gym Machine

The product was pretty remarkable, and there was no installation required, so it was simple to construct. Furthermore, for those taller than 5’5, the leg pole is rather short. Overall, it’s a good product with a big impact.

About this item

  • 54 kg weight plates set included i.e 12 plates of 10 pounds (lbs) each (total 54.4 kg).
  • The weight of the complete machine including weight is around 95 kg. Max user body weight 120 kg.
  • Adjustable seat height. Easy-open pully locks you can add your attachment as per your requirement like tricep rope, ankle straps, etc.
  • Heavy-duty construction – this all-in-one home gym is made of a heavy-duty steel tube frame that is designed to last a long time.
  • The buyer has to assemble himself an assembly manual and all fittings inside the packaging. Assembly video available on YouTube.



This Fitness World multi-functional workout machine is my favorite one for a reverse dec peck. With Fitness World’s 150 lb Stack Home Gym, you can do over 30 strength training routines to effectively burn calories and improve muscle mass. This home gym has press arms that can be used for both chest press and pec fly workouts. The dual-function leg developer aligns the knee joints appropriately for successful leg extensions and leg curls. For smooth and regulated body movements, the multi-position high and low pulleys and cables are linked to a 150 lb adjustable weight stacking.

About this item

  • Chest extension, high pulley, low pulley, rowing, peck-deck, leg extension, and more exercises are available. With over 12 exercise options, you may achieve total body conditioning and superior endurance. The total weight of the machine, including weight plates, is 142 kg.
  • Pully locks are simple to open since you may add your attachments such as triceps ropes, ankle straps, and so on. This device allows you to perform 5 to 6 more exercises with the aid of attachments such as a triceps rope and an ankle strap, which you may purchase as needed.
  • This home gym equipment is constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing and reinforced with guard rods to keep weight in place during training.
  • The foam cushioning on the dual-function press arms ensures your comfort throughout butterfly movements and chest presses.

fitness world

5. ALLYSON FITNESS Cable Crossover

Allyson fitness cable crossover is the finest and cheap machine for newbies and starters. Because all gym equipment is costly and takes a lot of time to set up or sync with our body. But this cable crossover is just perfect for shoulders, back, abs, hand, and chest. However, there’s a problem because this machine isn’t that available everywhere due to covid19. Some specific countries like the USA, UK, Brazil, India, Spain, Italy, and Russia are allowed for shipping.

About this item

  • It can be installed on a solid brick wall, a wooden support beam, or a concrete wall
  • Both the base and the weight plate holder are made of strong-strength steel.
  • During installation, holes must be drilled in the wall and secured with expansion screws.


Final Thoughts

The rear delt fly is a versatile exercise that targets the muscles in your posterior shoulder. This is an activity that you can incorporate into your workout regimen whether you work out at the gym or home. And doing so will help you develop muscular, round shoulders that your classmates would envy. You can check my other articles on this blog for more information. Besides, I’ll describe more about dec peck workouts without a machine, later. Stay connected and stay safe all the time. Happy workouts!

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