HIIT Workouts for Body Shape

By | June 16, 2021

HIIT workouts for body shape making is the most trendy one for fitness people nowadays. Apart from other conventional exercise or fitness workouts, this HIIT workout is a new provision for fitness and gym practitioners. The full elaboration of HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training. It means a trainee has to work out at intervals. Usually, people enable HIIT workouts for fat burning or weight loss but recently HIIT is used for body shaping as well. Work, rest, and repeat is the basic motto of HIIT workouts. In this article, I’ll emphasize these categories. Let’s check it out!

HIIT workouts

As I stated earlier, HIIT is an interval-oriented workout process. For 100 years, HIIT regimes in this world but people didn’t figure it out. Later in 2010, top-class fitness experts started using this workout session for beginners. Because a starter trainee cannot work out flexibly. They need time to cope up with the situation.

Usually, a fitness trainee or practitioner starts with some easy steps and repeats them. After completing 10/15 steps, expert trainers take rests. People often take intervals more than work. Expert fitness guys/girls work for 30-40 seconds and take rests for 15-20 seconds. Beginners work for 20 seconds and take rests for 30 seconds. This is the difference between an expert fitness guy/girl and a beginner.


A fitness trainer always emphasizes more work than intervals. He/she tries to make his/her students work out more than intervals. These workouts include planks, pushups, squats, and stretching. Later in the article, we’ll see types of different HIIT workouts step-by-step.

Benefits of HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts have some extraordinary benefits for beginners and pro fitness personnel. Every day we see a lot of celebrities share their HIIT workout posts on social media accounts. You can watch them grab basic ideas. However, I picked the top benefits of HIIT workouts so far. Follow the below rules-

  • Provides strength and power in muscles and reconstructs internal organ’s metabolism.
  • Makes a trainee sweaty so a lot of fat is burnt. It will reshape your belly and abdomen.
  • Reduces body calories and extra heat. The more heat reduction, the more fit body.
  • Provides proper blood circulation through our vessels and arteries.
  • Oxygen consumption to body cells is important. HIIT workouts help to consume extensive oxygen consumption.
  • Strengthens lower organs like legs, thighs, knee joints, and ankles. No need to take extra care of heels because HIIT workouts will smartly do that.

Despite full specifications, you might find more information about HIIT workouts. Never hesitate to collect all sorts of data you find anywhere. For a fitness trainee, every single piece of information is essential.

We have to watch the above videos for more detailed information and live workouts. The first couple of videos have been shooted by two famous fitness models and trainers in the world. The last one shows you all steps of HIIT workouts. Just watch the comment box of that video and you’ll get the duration charts.

For sequential workouts:

Types of HIIT Workouts for Body Shape

HIIT is a circuit training workout session for body reshapers and obese guys or girls. Not only obesity but HIIT also enhance skinny people’s body muscles, glutes, arm strength, and metabolism. Especially, beginners need this HIIT workout at home cuz this is easy if remember. Gyms are closing because of pandemic issues so people have to work out in their house to keep the overall body fitness. Several types of HIIT workouts are available according to our trainers and celebrities however I picked the topmost things as always.

Before describing all types, have a look at the image there. It is the shortest technique for HIIT workouts ever. The most fascinating thing in the workout session is simplicity. You can start with any section in the circle and fulfill the rotation. Usually, most people prefer starting with squat+lunge and end up with tabletop dips.

HIIT workout types vary with the trainer of gym centers. Numerous gyms and fitness points have their own strategies mostly. Analyzing several fitness centers in California, I figured out 5 extinguished HIIT workouts. Here they are in a nutshell-

Tabata training

Tabata training session is an Afro-Latin workout session for beginners. Usually, a trainer starts with jump squats and burpees for his/her students. Tabata training needs little spaces or areas to execute; so you can easily work on this at home. Busy office executives are often stuck in tons of workload. I suggest- they flex the body a bit while refreshing. Large offices always have a refreshment or relaxing room/fitness spot. Before doing heavy planks, use Tabata. Tabata training sessions can be done individually or in groups. But in this pandemic aggression, I prefer in-home practices, precisely.


Another combined workout for pro and mid-pro is AMRAP. This one consists of too many movements like press-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, and lunges. Like Tabata, AMRAP is also done with a group or excluding a group. It is helpful for professional wrestlers, bodybuilders, fitness celebrities, and action heroes. However, AMRAP has some demerits like muscle pain, strains, and weakness. Physicians and trainers recommend doing this once a week. For beginners, I suggest this twice a month.


Zumba is a Latin music choreographic session with fitness moves. It’s group work done by several people on a medium-size or large floor. Floor mats should be placed for newbies. Zumba workouts have plenty of variations so a trainee feels cozy, comfortable, strong, and efficient. This sensational workout helps a lot of choreographers recently. Ramp models, product launchers, high school fitness teachers recommend Zumba because of its variable methods.


EMOM is a fat-burning exercise session for obese people. It’s a little bit complicated for newbies because EMOM consists of pull-ups, burpees, swings, and deadlifts. All these moves are repetitive within rests. A trainee should start with pull-ups and then go for swings. Take rest for a while and start burpees, deadlifts. As long as the whole process is accomplished, repeat the entire session and keep records.


Ladders are the best workout for teenagers and shorter people. According to medical journals, a person’s height will be fixed after juvenile age. However, this ladder workout helps to increase vertebras and waist shapes. Even it adds a little bit of height to a person. Ladders are important for gymnasts, runners, bodybuilders, sprinters, and sportsmen. It is a one-man workout but effective and efficient.


HIIT Workouts for Beginners

It doesn’t mean that high-intensity interval training is not for you just because you are new to fitness. HIIT exercises, or high-intensity interval training, have been found to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, so you don’t have to spend hours at the gym. You can alternate between maximal effort times and short recuperation in this kind of training.

10-minute HIIT Workouts

Work a sweater in less time than this easy program requires for you to go to the gym. At best, you don’t need to leap directly into any equipment. For a starter trainee, this 10-minute workout could be efficient and astounding because it provides a lot of physical strength and burns fat. The steps are easy and simple but effective. Just follow the sequence-

  • Jab, cross, front (right)
  • Jab, cross, front (left)
  • Jumping jacks
  • Sumo squats

All these workouts must be completed with 3 rounds, 20-sec work, and 10-sec rest/interval.

20-minute HIIT Workouts

Metabolic conditioning is meant to increase your calorie expenditure, therefore this training is tough. Five steps that focus on whole-body workouts will pass you through. In every 45 second period, try to perform as many reps as possible and then rest 15 seconds before resuming.

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Butt kicks
  • Tricep dips
  • Side lunges

For a beginner, some workouts aren’t that familiar. You can watch some videos on youtube or Instagram.

HIIT Workouts for Busy Moms

You will most likely have to experience how exciting they are if they see you trying to practice if you have a kid and have tried to work out at home around them. Either you bounce all about or you start to crawl underneath you when you press or board it is a nightmare. I think it funny, but it’s harder to get exercise. We aim to keep it short and quick, like with all our exercises. HIIT is so effective, therefore. Excellent intensity Interval training enables you to work hard in a short period while still offering you most of the advantages, lengthy cardio sessions, or weight. You may start and complete this training in less than 20 minutes.

Rest for 1 minute and repeat after the six exercises. Target 4 rounds.

  • Push-Ups Taps for the shoulder
  • Lunge Jumps Alternate
  • Climbers of the Mountain
  • Squats In Out
  • Thrusts Squat
  • Jumping outings

However, I insist on not doing these HIIT workouts for pregnant women and breastfeeding durations.

When to Stop HIIT Workouts

HIIT is very efficient since it takes less time for recuperation and burns calories. To get the benefits of HIIT, you must use a lot of energy to fight it. When you feel less than 100% or more, you are wrathful of your previous workout and you risk injuring a muscle, you will probably get more static cardiovascular – and more safely.

Final Verdict

HIIT workouts for body shape are the most required and stunning feature for fitness people nowadays. A lot of fitness celebrities, superstars, supermodels, ad models, choreographers, and workers look for a better workout plan. Many of them haven’t enough time to spend in a gym or fitness center regularly. But in-home HIIT sessions can assist them vividly. These HIIT workouts are robust and methodical development of fitness schemes. Stay connected to learn more from us. Share your ideas and our posts on social media platforms. The more you share, the more people will involve and better suggestions will come out sooner. Happy workouts💪

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