Fitness Model Photography Lighting

By | October 5, 2021

Photography is the artwork of lights and dramatic textures. For fitness model photography lighting, you must need quality equipment, eco-amicable climates, studio features, and creative scripts. If you want to be a fitness model or celebrity, you have to hire some professional photographers or choreographers. In this short article, we’ll describe how fitness model photography lighting works or affects your modeling career. Let’s stay in touch.

How to Set Up Lighting for Fitness Model Photography

There are many types of photography. The first is planning and lifestyle, which is often used for magazines, social media, and commercials (e.g. advertising a gym or product). Taking more photos at length – often required by professional athletes and bodybuilders.

fitness model photography lighting

As I said in the opening, there are many sorts of professional fitness photography, and as a result, various clients are searching for these services. It’s critical to know who your customer is and how the fitness photographs will be used. If they’re for a magazine cover, for example, you’ll need to utilize a portrait orientation with some negative space so the designer may add some text. 

In any event, the more you understand your client’s expectations, the happier they’ll be with the results of your fitness photography shoot. When working with publications or marketing teams, they will provide you a briefing, and things will go from there.

However, if your customer is an athlete or a fitness instructor who is doing something for the first time, it may be beneficial to provide them with some guidance. Ask them to fill out a questionnaire or gather some reference photographs so you can get a sense of what they’re searching for. 

Unless you’re doing a fitness photoshoot for a gym or your model requires a specific piece of equipment, you may take the photographs wherever you choose. 

For instance, if the workout photographs are for fitness publications promoting a healthy lifestyle, you may try taking them outside. A professional bodybuilder, on the other hand, may benefit from a studio session since you want to showcase their physique as a sculpture as they do particular postures and routines.

If you’re filming inside a gym, bring additional light sources that you can control instead of relying on natural light.

Indoor Photography Lighting

You may have to deal with mirrors, so be cautious of light reflections and having yourself or your equipment seem mirrored in the backdrop. Male body photographers frequently operate in their studios. This offers you greater control, but you must be familiar with studio lighting.

Even if you’re a seasoned portrait photographer, you might be thinking, “How do I achieve ideal muscle lighting?” The goal is to position the light source at an angle, creating powerful shadows that outline the muscles and provide depth and dimension.


Usually, we prefer mesmerizing lights and textures for cool photography. Several models want rough photoshoots with sculptures or other stuff. These images need a little darker gradient.

Indoor lighting may provide numerous creative lighting options in a scenario where you have control over the light source, direction, and placement. A Venetian blind effect, which creates horizontal shadows over your subject, is a fun, one-of-a-kind lighting effect you may apply on your topic. The contrasting lights and darks give the image depth and mystique.

It is not always practical to take fitness pictures outside. If you must shoot at a gym, choose a neatly organized spot. Get close to your model so that the background equipment does not steal the show.

fitness photography

By shooting through things, you may make your photographs appear more spontaneous. The item you’re shooting through will appear blurry if you use a big aperture. This will frame your shot and remove any distracting elements.

Make sure your model is as near to the window as feasible for individual portraits. You may shoot from a distance for group photos. The greater the size of the window, the better.

Focusing on details is another technique to diversify your fitness photos. This may be done after the photoshoot. Prioritize obtaining the most crucial pictures first, and then go on to details that can help your tale.

The model’s clothing, muscles, arms, or facial expressions might all be details. Make use of oil to offer bodybuilders a healthy shine. Their muscles will be highlighted by dramatic top lighting. Use a zoom lens to put some distance between yourself and the model. You might make them feel uneasy if you approach them too near.

What to Wear to a Fitness Photoshoot

Well, this is kinda off-topic however this one is quite an essential question for many models. Several times, models complain to us about wrong lighting or offensive attitude from the photographer. Sometimes, abusive actions are taken by the photographer as well. This is really an odd situation for newbie female models. Because of seductive outfits, some amateur photographers may be distracted and can’t shoot professionally.

So, first of all, contact professional photographers and it would be better if he/she has some excellent portfolios of previous experiences. The main goal of a fitness photoshoot is to show the physique structure, abs, glutes, muscles, thigh muscles, strong legs, and workouts. We prefer and suggest fitness outfits like fitness bras, leggings, yoga shorts, trousers, and capris. For men, we prefer gym t-shirts, shorts, cycling shorts, etc.

Bottom Line

Fitness photography is a broad field. Make sure you chat to your model ahead of time to find out what they are comfortable with. Throughout your shooting, keep lighting and positioning in mind. Be willing to explore new approaches and to listen to your model’s criticism. You’ll be able to capture amazing fitness photographs if you have enough patience.

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